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Türkiye Criminal Defense Manual

This Manual was prepared by Turkish lawyers and legal experts under the auspices of the local Development Organization ( LDO ) and International Bridges to Justice ( IBJ ) and funded by the European Union ( EU ) in three languages (Arabic, Turkish and English)….

Bringing Back Forgotten Emotions

Mohammed Hussein worked as an agricultural engineer in the Agriculture Directorate in Aleppo. He obtained a master’s degree in the field of Renewable Resources from Aleppo University, upon the war reaching his home town of rural southern Aleppo where he and his family live. Mohammed…

Creating Opportunities

Mahmoud Al-Qasim is a chemical engineer who has vast previous experience in working in the field of agriculture, soil and chemical fertilizers, in the Ministry of Local Administration in the Environment Department. Mahmoud has said that: ‘Following the start of the conflict in Syria, the…

A Sense of Belonging

Fahd Al-Ali is an internally displaced person (IDP) from Aleppo who is now located in a camp in the city of Mare. Despite the difficulties of living in the camps and the scarcity of employment opportunities, Fahd was ecstatic at the chance when he was…