Network Staff

At LDO we depend on our trusted people on the ground to implement projects in Syria, who have a vast range of experience and qualifications. The LDO network consists of Consultants, Experts, Trainers and Facilitators, with specialists ranging from lawyers to experts in Good Governance and with pockets of experience in the field of local and provisional administration, institutional development, dialogue and community development.

Our WASH experts have technical experience and qualifications in the field of Water and Sanitation enabling them to conduct projects in the WASH sector. These qualifications including PhD in Mechanical Engineering, with over five years’ experience in the WASH program.

The Local councils form part of our networks with close relations with a large number of Local Councils working with LDO. Having worked with the majority of the opposition Local Councils in Syria, our relations with them have been made stronger as we work with and for the benefit of the Local Councils. This makes coordination and work in hard-to-reach areas more possible, and who better knows their communities than these governing bodies.

Our recruitment and selection process is based on the selection of the best for the job, from within the available skill pool in Syria. The employment process is important in order to increase efficiency in the hiring and retention and to ensure consistency and compliance in the process. There are several steps to the recruitment process: sourcing candidates, reviewing and tracking applicants, conducting interviews and selection for employment. Our team inside is continuously expanding with the growth of the work required inside.


Our Network staff do more than just providing a quick fix for individual situations; they strive to fix larger systemic problems and empower people to live a better life.


For our network it is not just about displaying that you are doing something crucial, but that you are pursuing it well as they demonstrate that have the skills and commitment to accomplish the organizations mission.


Our Network staff ensure that they treat all people with dignity and.


Our network respect people, value diversity and treat people equally regardless of race, gender or religion.


Network Values

  • Civil Engineer with over 20 years’ experience at Aleppo Water Establishment.
  • Civil engineer with 19 years’ experience in Hama Water Corporation.
  • Civil Engineer with 22 years’ experience in the Water Corporation Hama and in Saudi Arabia.
  • Civil Engineer with 13 years’ experience in the Technical Services Corporation in Aleppo and Idleb.
  • Civil Engineer with 12 years’ experience in the Technical Services Corporation in Idleb.
  • Topography engineer with experience of 6 years in the implementation of water and sanitation projects in Idleb.
  • Chemical engineer, with 18 years’ experience at Aleppo Water Corporation.
  • Mechanical Engineer with 22 years’ experience in the Directorate of Water Resources in Idleb.
  • Mechanical Engineer with 23 years’ experience at the Idleb Water Establishment.
  • Technical observer with over 15 years’ experience in an organization for Studies and at Technical Consultancy in Idleb.
  • Maintenance technician of water networks with 15 years’ experience at Aleppo Water Corporation.
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