Capacity Building

Capacity building is primarily about improving effectiveness, knowledge and skills at an organizational level. Capacity building focuses on advancing an organization’s ability to do new things and improve what they currently do and how they do it. In summary, capacity building improves an organization’s performance enabling them to function well and continue to be relevant in the fast changing settings.
Capacity building normally comprises of training, mentoring, financial and/or other resource support to individuals or organizations from an external source. Usually, capacity building will have an impact on the implementation of new skills and knowledge as well as systems to sustain and expand improvements over time.
Capacity building refers to activities that aim to strengthen non-profit organizations in order to help them better fulfil their mission and objectives. These activities include strategic planning, information technology advancements, operational enhancement, as well as staff and board development.

Organisational capacity building requirements is continually changing. The Connolly and Lukas’s model shows six interdependent factors that contribute to the performance of a non-profit organization. Organisational capacity consists of six interdependent components, all of which interact with the external environment.

There are a wide range of activities that can be undertaken to enhance an organisation’s ability to deliver efficient and effective programs, expand their operations, as well as being adaptive and innovative.

LDO and Capacity Building

The Local Development Organization has extensive experience in providing capacity building to Local Councils, Organisations and individuals. LDO has consistently provided 450 Local Councils with training in various essential fields, which has allowed the smooth running of the council’s offices. Trainings provided have included Strategic Planning, Financial Guides, the production of a Geographic Atlas as well as many technological advancements. LDO has also had a lasting impact in providing knowledge to INGO’s and NGO’s alike, ranging from capacity building conferences to providing them with reference documents such as the Syria Geographic Atlas.

With regards to individual beneficiaries, LDO has provided capacity building in many forms, including vocational training, awareness sessions, and leadership development as well as business planning for revenue-generating activities.