The ATLAS: Syrian Geographical Information Atlas in Arabic & English

The ATLAS: Syrian Geographical Information Atlas in Arabic & English

As a part of the program /Evaluation/, the Local Development Organization has produced the Atlas of Geographical Information in Arabic & English, where it was intended to maintain a unified reference to administrative divisions within the Syrian governorates. Actually, it has depended clearly on the official resolutions related to the local councils and local communities and the divisions of the provinces and the places of its distribution and its limits on the maps, where it has relied mainly on a number of regulatory resolutions which are as follows:

  • A resolution No. /1378/ issued by the Ministry of Local Administration in the Syrian Arab Republic for the year /2011/ about determining the administrative units (cities, towns, municipalities) and the population census in each one.
  • Data of the Syrian Central Council of Statistics for the year 2004 in determining the populations (villages – farms).
  • Resolutions of the Ministry of Local Administration of the Syrian Arab Republic, which belong to the regions and districts updated and modified before the date of the revolution (before 2011).
  • Open street map data about defining the roads and borders of the Syrian Arab Republic with neighbouring countries.
  • The Ministry of Local Administration in the Syrian Interim Government has also been accredited to provide all the official information required for the preparation of this Atlas.

The publication of the Atlas of Syrian Geographical Information in this project will give all parties working in the Syrian affairs, whether local or international, a unified reference to the administrative divisions within the Syrian governorates (between the governorates and councils on the one hand and between the other bodies “governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, supporting bodies” on the other one).

  • A unified document approved by the local councils in Syria, showing the geographical divisions of the governorates (district) and administrative divisions (city-town-municipality) of local councils and the places of their distribution.
  • A census of the official population at the governorate level, whether according to administrative dependency at the district level or at the level of the administrative unit (city-town-municipality) which is used at statistics and the fairness of distribution.

– A clear and unified document about geographical names in order to increase the effectiveness of coordination among civil society organizations, supporting bodies, and local councils.





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