Community Development

Community participation is defined as the involvement of people in a community in projects to solve their own problems. Community participation is especially important in achieving results collectively in crisis situations.

There are a number of benefits that arise as a result of empowering communities to engage. These benefits include:

  • Greater participant understanding of local priorities.
  • Improved community satisfaction.
  • Greater community ownership and investment.
  • Greater accountability to achieve objective.
  • The development of better quality services.

Community Development in LDO

The Local Development Organization has had a very positive impact in this program, by bringing people together for a common cause. LDO has used its projects of community engagement to create social cohesion between host communities and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s), creating equality between them. Within the projects LDO has implemented cash-for-work afforestation projects, road cleaning, infrastructure repair and waste management projects bringing communities together with the objective of gaining greater community ownership, engagement, and better quality end results, because who better knows the locality than the locals.