The Local Development Organization, also known as LDO is a not-for-profit, non-political civil society organization focused on supporting local administration, communities and reviving the economy. LDO organization is registered in Turkey and has its head office in Gaziantep- Turkey, with active offices inside Syria- including Idleb.

The Local Development Organization’s Advisory Board Members, specialized in various fields including public administration, local economy, strategic planning, institutional and community development.

LDO works with and for Local Authorities in Syria in order to achieve good governance with the aim of creating consistency, integrity and Excellence as well as a trusted system. This good governance is the main element setting the balance between strategic and operational conduct in an organized and deliberate approach.

Strategic plan

Local Development Organization Values

  • Perseverance: It is with persistence, tenacity, and determination that we will shape Syria’s promising future, set in our minds to reach our organization’s goals and achieve our objectives.
  • Transparency- LDO strive to be open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with.
  • Participation: LDO seek to establish a mechanism of communication between different stakeholders that helps community groups to find common ground and build a shared vision for change; whether in understanding its content, putting it in to action, or evaluating the outcomes.
  • Credibility: LDO are keen to adhere to our goals and objectives in providing the best for our society, in order to contribute to the advancement and civilization.
  • Integrity: To pursue honorable initiatives and conduct work in an honest, transparent and ethical manner.
  • Responsibility: Strive to achieve social responsibility with no corruption, adhering to ethical practices, using a framework to act for the benefit of society at large.
  • Excellence: LDO seek to achieve high levels of performance, emphasize the need for continuous improvement and encouraging innovation by developing capacities of those concerned. This is done by providing distinguished systems that shape the future and make it a reality.


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