Projects and campaigns:

Our cities are cleaner

The project aimed at:

  1. Enhancing the role of local councils in providing services through the creation and application of cost recovery systems.
  2. Increasing community awareness of the importance of compliance with cost recovery systems and their reflection on service reality.
  3. Building the capacity of local councils in order to enable them study the reality, formulate plans and provide services to the community.
  4. Establishing the concept of recycling in local communities and its importance in economic and cultural progress.
  5. Involving the community in the decision-making process through community dialogue sessions.

About the Project

  • Duration of implementation: 3 months
  • Direct beneficiaries: 460

Project Outcomes:

  1. Conduct a field survey report showing the reality of the waste management service at the implementation locations and the extent to which the community can comply with the cost recovery systems.
  2. Develop a detailed study of the reality of landfills, equipment and existing cadres and then access to the recycling phase.
  3. A fair system allocates the costs of recovery according to specific segments that have been developed with the participation of the actors and stakeholders at each point of implementation.
  4. Training 75 members of the local councils on the cost recovery system and its implementation mechanism.
  5. Contribute to raising awareness through awareness campaigns that include the distribution of 25,000 brochures and 50 mural paintings and field activities. With the aim of advocating the idea of recycling in addition to complying with the times of throwing garbage and the cost recovery systems.
  6. To promote community participation through 10 dialogue sessions discussing best practices, partnerships and experiences exchanged between the public and private sectors in waste management and recycling.
  7. To organize cleaning campaigns with the participation of school students in the targeted areas after holding a number of awareness campaigns in the targeted schools.