What we do

About Syria

The crisis in Syria has created the worst humanitarian catastrophe of our time, and with the crisis in its seventh-year the Syrian people are still seeking a dignified life and a better future but are struggling to barely survive. Despite all the grief, the pain and deprivation that the Syrians have been subjected to for decades, they are now having to make enormous sacrifices and take huge risks to adapt to the changes needed in order to meet for their families and communities most basic needs, in keeping with their cultural traditions.

As a result of the continued chaos of the crisis, the Syrian society recognizes the need to reorganize and rebuild its institutions, with the most important institution consisting of the local councils in Syria. These local councils are considered as elected bodies that reflect the views of their communities and seek to achieve their aims as well as run and manage services needed. The councils provide essential public services, from water and electricity to order and security.

These elected governing bodies have adequate awareness to apply the Local Administration Law 107, a law approved by the Syrian Government in 2011, in order to maintain the unity of the Syrian territories and fill the gap for social and governmental organizations in regions free from the governing dictatorial authorities.

With the aim of supporting these local councils, the Local Development Organization (LDO) was established by a number of experts to support local administrations in the fields of governance, economy and community development. LDO seeks to achieve a framework that helps local councils and their communities to achieve professional standards and good governance.

Where We Work

Locations of intervention

The Local Development Organization has worked in the Whole of Syria previously, but due to the crisis and various political restrictions, access is limited to all organisations. LDO has access to and working in opposition areas, ensuring the safety of our staff and beneficiaries as our utmost priority.
As of October 2018, LDO is implementing projects in the governorates of Idleb, Hama and Aleppo.