Research and Studies

Syrians Online Employment

Executive summary: Many researches show that the future of the online work will become equal to (if it did not exceed) the typical business and the working from office by 2025[1], this matter is not deemed strange if we compare the advantages and benefits of online work that both workers and employers gain, as for […]

A field study on the needs of refugees and IDPs in HLP issues

Executive summary Based on the importance of real estate ownership in the lives of individuals, and in order to enable IDPs and refugees to regain their rights and enable them to return to their areas of origin and preserve their rights and inasmuch the difficulties and difficult living conditions, we conducted the current study in […]

Strengthening women,s Participation in The Northern of Syria

Executive Summary Based on the importance of the women’s role in building society and believing in their ability to effectively and creatively participate in various aspects of economic, cultural, social and political life, and due to being marginalized and discriminated on various levels, this study is conducted in order to understand women’s status in economic […]

Youth Empowerment in Northern Syria – Field Researsh

Executive Summary Because of the difficult economic and security situation in the Syrian liberated northern areas, and of our belief in the importance of the role of young people in building society, and their ability to contribute effectively and make the necessary changes to improve the situation of society if they have the proper circumstances, […]