Essential Services

Providing essential services for communities emerging from conflict is the primary purpose of organisations. These societies are in immediate need of security, the rule of law, economic governance, and essential services. In providing these services, the focus must be on the development of host nation capacity, equal access, and non-discrimination in service delivery. Providing essential services boosts the legitimacy of the host nation administration and limits the influence of drivers of conflict that exploit the absence of essential services. Experience shows that people perceive the authority to govern to be contingent upon the provision of security, the rule of law, sound economic governance, and essential services.

Core service delivery involves providing security, the rule of law, economic governance, and essential services for stabilisation and reconstruction. Providing these services involves developing the core administrative and institutional capabilities of the administration. Accountability and transparency mechanisms, with the adequate resources, are necessary to provide equitable and effective service delivery, minimise corruption, and any threats to the peace process.

  • Deliver essential services to meet needs with the aim of restoring the basis for administration legitimacy.
  • Transparency and accountability mechanisms help ensure that the administration delivers essential services fairly, effectively and reliably.
  • Understand the roles of state and non-state actors in providing services and the impact of those actors on stability.
  • Providing the communities with much needed infrastructure and essential services to allow them to live in dignity.

Service Provision in LDO

The Local Development Organization has worked on a number of projects providing the local community and it’s governing administration the tools and resources for the provision of essential services. Our projects in the service provision sector vary and range from the setting up of bakeries in four locations to cover the people with the required amount of bread to meet their needs to infrastructure repair. LDO see it as a vital sector, firstly to benefit the community as a whole, as well as allowing economies to flourish but also to give credibility and legitimacy to the administration in the locality.