Local Economy Development

is the process by which developing economies become advanced economies. Put simply; economic development is about improving the living standards, where Improved living standards refers to higher levels of education, lower unemployment rates, workers’ income, and health. Economic development also refers to the process by which the overall well-being, and local employment levels of the general population improves.

Economic development looks at how the communities are affected. Apart from their living standards, it also looks at the political independence they have to enjoy those living standards.
Economic development takes into account the following information:

  • Average life expectancy.
  • Literacy rates.
  • Unemployment rates.
  • Income-generating Opportunities.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Availability and quality of housing.
  • Access to healthcare.
  • Environmental standards.
  • Income per capita.

Economic Development in LDO

The Local Development Organization’s aim is to make communities wealthier, healthier and have greater access to employment opportunities to enable them to create better living standards for themselves and their families.

To achieve this LDO implemented a number of projects consisting of cash-for-work, income-generating projects, small grants and awareness campaigns and vocational trainings.