The Local Development Organization (LDO) has conducted a field study entitled (Real Estate Ownership and Displacement) within three months, starting from 1/6/2020, to assess the Syrian refugees and internal displaced persons’ needs in HLP issues.
This study aims to have better understanding of the situation and needs of Syrian refugees and IDPs’ regarding their HLP rights and current violations on them during the current conflict in Syria.
The study focuses on the following points:
1. The current situation of Syrian IDPs and refugees (shelter and personal papers).
2. The size of the violation on the rights & properties as well as the forms of these infringements.
3. The causes of property confiscation, infringements, and loss of property rights.
4. The mechanisms of documenting properties during processes that are taking place in the current Syrian reality such as buying, selling and leasing .
5. Raising awareness of the ways to document real estate properties and the needed documents to do it.
6. How to intervene to overcome the challenges and barriers related to property rights and impeding the return of Syrians refugees and IDPs to their origin areas.
7. Highlighting the situation of the informal housing areas in obtaining HLP rights.

To view the full study in Arabic and English, check it out on our LDO website.

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