Report of the Forum on Governance session and Local Administration experiences

Report of the Forum on Governance session and Local Administration experiences

(Local Administration experiences after the Syrian Revolution)


When the Syrian revolution began in 2011, the regime cut the basic services to all rebellious cities and towns and withdrew all workers in the services sector and local councils in these areas aiming to applying the policy of blockade and preventing food and services from these areas to collectively punish the population, and this led to a number of damages a large number of people in every city or town, and here some activists took the initiative to organize relief work and services in these areas and provide some basic services to those in need, but soon the gap of needs began to expand, to a degree that individuals or small groups can no longer continue providing services and assistance on their own without cooperation and coordination with others, this is where the idea of ​​local councils began to arise.

These councils were run by people and groups that were able to provide their services to more needy people. And most of the material-support was provided by Syrian individuals inside or outside Syria, until the need became greater and the fundraising campaigns started outside Syria, which included individuals and organizations from all near or far countries.

Local councils are the main administrative nucleus in the liberated areas. Given the importance of effective and credible local councils, it is necessary to work on evaluating them in order to develop their efficiency in providing services and managing the local community.

The local councils evolved during the Syrian revolution from the administrative and organizational aspects and its relationship with the local community. After these years have passed since the beginning of its experiment, it has to be studied in a scientific way to extract the lessons learned and develop that experience.

Therefore, the Local Development Organization decided to hold sessions of the Governance and Local Councils Forum to present the experiences of local administration after the revolution in the presence of members of local councils in a number of governorates, and these experiences were discussed in their organizational development process and the most important services they provided and the pros and cons that accompanied their work.


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