Protection of Property Rights for Refugees and Displaced Persons (HLP)

Protection of Property Rights for Refugees and Displaced Persons (HLP)

Local Development Organization LDO is a non-goverment organization NGO registered in Turkey since 2016; it works in Turkey and Syria on implementing governance and capacity building programs, developing policies and studies, providing basic needs services, contributing to food security, and protecting rights and freedom of local administrations, civil society organizations CSOs, youth, women, Internal Displaced Persons IDPs and refugees in order to establish decentralization and good-governance principles and to achieve stability and sustainable development.

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Projects and campaigns:


The project worked to support the protection of property rights for Syrian refugees and displaced persons by emphasizing the importance of preserving immovable property rights, preventing the authorities from exploiting legal chaos and seizing private property of Syrian displaced persons who are unable to preserve their property.

About the Project

  • Duration of implementation: 24 months
  • Refugees & Displaced Persons
  • Syria: Aleppo – Idleb – Hama
  • Turkey: Gaziantep

Project Outcomes:

  1. Conducting legal studies on the real estate and property situation in Syria and the impact of procedures and laws on property rights for refugees and displaced persons.
  2. Increasing community awareness of the importance of protecting property rights for refugees and displaced persons in Syria.
  3. Defining the mechanism for registering and claiming property rights.
  4. Governance of institutions and building capacities of key stakeholders of the project “Protection of property rights for refugees and displaced persons” (directorates – local councils – civil society organizations).
  5. Documentation of real estate and property rights for refugees and IDPs through an electronic platform, in accordance with the international standards in the preservation of evidence and proofs.