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The Local Development Organization, also known as LDO, is a non-profit, non-political civil society organization focused on supporting local administration, economies and communities as well as providing essential services and advocating studies and promoting information. LDO was established at the beginning of 2015 and was registered in Turkey, under the reference number 270-19154 in April 2016.

LDO has its head office in Gaziantep – Turkey and works with and for local administrations in Syria in order to achieve good governance with the aim of creating consistency, integrity and excellence as well as a trusted system. This good governance is the main element setting the balance between strategic and operational conduct in an organized and deliberate approach.

Our Latest Work

3 Nov

Bringing Back Forgotten Emotions

Mohammed Hussein worked as an agricultural engineer in the Agriculture Directorate in Aleppo. He obtained a master’s degree in the field of

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3 Nov

Creating Opportunities

Mahmoud Al-Qasim is a chemical engineer who has vast previous experience in working in the field of agriculture, soil and chemical fertilizers, in the
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19 Oct

A Sense of Belonging

Fahd Al-Ali is an internally displaced person (IDP) from Aleppo who is now located in a camp in the city of Mare. Despite the difficulties
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